All Practices will take place on Friday Nights (Please see posted schedule on the NSO website) at the Nashua Community College AND ALSO Main Dunstable Elementary School Gym!!!

This year, we will be dividing our practices into several sessions, and also a second location, to accommodate the varied ages and abilities of our basketball teams in our limited practice space and time.

***** Please note that Skills Practice will be practicing at Main Dunstable Elementary School!  

Fri 6-8 pm – Mavericks – NCC Gym

Fri 6-8 pm – EagleCats NCC Gym

Fri 6-7 pm – Skills Team – MAIN DUNSTABLE SCHOOL GYM

Fri 6-7:30 pm – Nashua JV 1 & 2- MAIN DUNSTABLE SCHOOL GYM  

*** Regional Assessments will be held in Keene…date TBA

SONH State CompetitionGames will be held in Derry at Sports Zone….date TBA  

All Team placements will be decided by team coaches after initial assessment during the first practice/Team meeting which will take place Friday January 4th at 6:30pm All athletes who wish to participate in NSO Basketball are expected to be at the initial practice/team meeting! (s).    

Non-negotiable Gym/ Practice Rules: PLEASE READ!!!!      

  • All Team Members shall wear their NSO team uniforms or the practice uniform designated by their coach to each practice. (Absolutely NO Jeans or street clothes!!!!!) Practice uniforms will be issued at first practice/team meeting on January 5th.
  • CLEAN your practice uniform before each practice please!!!!
  • Please wear appropriate outdoor footwear TO the gym and have your sneakers in your gym bag reserved for indoor court use only
  • Bring at least 1 bottle of WATER to practice. ***Water Bottles are no longer allowed in the GYM…please leave your water bottles just inside the gym door and write your name on them!
  • All Gym bags will be kept off of the gym floor and sidelines, leaving all gym space open for Basketball play.
  • Give every practice your VERY BEST effort!!
  • Listen to your Coaches!!!
  • Remember: We are here to play basketball and have fun!!!!!
  • All parents will remain in the building for the duration of practice unless they make arrangements with the Coach and leave an emergency number where they can be reached.  There is plenty of comfortable seating in the adjacent lounge area next to the gym.
  • All family members who wish to observe their athlete practice may do so as long as this does not create distractions. Sideline conversations or other noises are distracting to both the players and the coaches.  If you wish to talk, please do so in the Atrium Lounge Area.
  • All Team Members will remain in the gym during their specific practice time and advise a coach when they need to leave for the restroom.
  • No jewelry, watches, earrings, etc shall be worn during practice.
  • No valuables shall be brought to practice.
  • Cell phones may be brought, but left in gym bags until the end of practice. NO use of cell phones during practice!!!!
  • All parents shall be responsible for arranging transportation to and from Basketball practice (this shall not be left up to the athlete!)
  • Any Team Member who is unable to attend practice shall notify their coach prior to practice by phone or email.
  • Be on time for practice!!!!!  

****Cancellation of Practice:  All Cancellations, whether due to inclement weather or other reasons, such as holidays or Gym unavailability, will be posted in the Home Page section of the Nashua Special Olympics website.  All NSO Basketball participants must routinely check the basketball section of the NSO website for additional announcements!!!!

All Basketball emails to parents will be sent through this website only! Please make sure you visit the website and sign up for emails (and then check your spam file to make sure the emails aren’t ending up in there….it’s happened before!)        

Dodi Mitchell, Head Coach   Cell: 603-765-4800 dodi2@mac.com

Dylan Choquette, Assistant Wildcats Coach

Colleen & Norman Demers, Eagles Coaches Cell: 603-508-2796

Jason Napier, Mavericks Coach Cell: 603-718-4962

Peter Moulton, Mavericks Coach Cell: 603-930-8838

Andy Carr, JV Coach Cell: 978-771-7379

Karen Napier, Skills Coach Cell: 978-790-0240

Scott McCullough, Assistant Skills Coach

We will be bringing on several new NSO Basketball Coaches for this season to add to our ranks…You’ll meet them at first practice!    

Please notify your specific team Coach during the practice season if you are unable to make practice on a specific night!!!  

*** We will be asking for volunteer parents to assist with Skills Team and also to assist coaches during practices as needed